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We open opportunities to be our partners through partnership program. Our partners can be a salesman, reseller, retailer, agent, and distributor.


  • Deep and good product knowledge.
  • Excel in the marketing area both Offline and Online.
  • Having plan in marketing tools strategies that will be used in the sales process to customers in person. It also includes a presentations in the form of image, catalog, brochure, banner, name card, etc.
  • Having list of prospective potential customers according to the Oriflakes segmentation.
  • Preparing sufficient database, actively looking for targets.
  • Carrying out the sales process according to the target list that has been determined.
  • Building good partnerships with consumers both in new and repeat orders.
  • Putting customer satisfaction as a top priority.
  • Installing the Raja Ongkir application.


  • Selling Oriflakes products either in retail, per pack, badling, etc. Badling system can be done by inviting consumers or friends to help sell and share profits.
  • Target market can be end user consumers (B2C) or corporations (B2B).
  • Target consumers: all ages from 1 year old baby to elderly people. They can be healthy people, people with stomach ulcers, gastric acid, dieters, anyone recovering from illness or treatment, and children who have difficulty in eating.
  • Closing is much easier to the female than to male. About 90% of Oriflakes consumers are women.
  • Good places target are in offices, schools, and associations. Those places provide a One to Few closing level. The chance for closing is much higher than a One to One. More effective and efficient.

Partnership Facilities

  • Partnership special prices either salesmen, resellers, retailer, agent, or distributor.
  • Banner size 2.5 m x 0.8 m worths IDR 100 K, only once per period.
  • Oriflakes T-shirts or other merchandises. It can be in the next order.
  • Sachets and products bonus, can be obtained per order on condition that supplies are still available.
  • Brochure bonus. Each additional catalog worths IDR 20 K. Available in soft file.
  • Getting a pocket book about Chating SOP consisting of questions and answers about Oriflakes.
  • Transfer orders for the nearest area.
  • Joining in “partnership WA group”.