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Understanding Serelia

Established a one decade ago, Serelia is fast growing food and beverage company. We have a unique national footprint and sell our products throughout all areas in Indonesia. Through increasing life quality of us and contributing to a healthier future, we aim to deliver sustainable, industry-leading financial performance and earn trust.

Serelia 2020

A Unique National Presence

2020 Sales by Geographic Area

DKI Jakarta, Banten, Jatim, Jateng, Jabar 52%
Riau 23%
Bali, NTT 15%
Kaltim, Kalsel 10%

0 %

Java Island as Predominant Sales Contributor

Java and Sumatera are predominant sales generator. Java generated more than 50% in particular.

A Healthy Brand Portfolio

Through innovation, we uncover healthier natural raw materials for all our products. It lead us to produce healthy brand portfolio. A one decade old will not prevent us to make real our ambitions to be leading in healthy food products. Our brands such as Oriflakes and Origoat have nourished and improved people’s health.

Strong Acceptance Across Categories

Nutritious and healthy delicious products form our portfolio. Our food and beverages categories such as cereals and dairy products have been experiencing a fast growth in demand, grow 292% for the last 6 years.